About Uhub

Uhub is a WPP company providing a fully managed offering of the Atlassian products. We tightly integrate these industry-leading products into a single, WPP-specific platform, supported by and for agency staff.

We help WPP “get work done”.

Key Platform features:

  • Task and project management, with workflow
  • Resource management and timesheets
  • Collaborative documentation, knowledge sharing
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Code storage, review and deployment

We empower WPP’s agencies, as well as their vendors, partners, and clients to collaborate securely and efficiently on documenting requirements, tracking tasks, managing projects, assigning resources, and reporting on any part of that work.

While Uhub benefits all types of agency processes, the platform provides exceptional value to agencies focused on tracking and managing production and delivery, as well as to those agencies who are tracking that work on behalf of their shared clients.

The Uhub team are subject matter experts who understand the tools, and as we are WPP employees,  we know many of the challenges of working efficiently within the group.

Our large size and scale give us efficiency in licensing and supporting these tools.

Uhub leverages WPP’s Okta for user authentication. This gives us better security, and results in higher efficiency and less confusion for WPP employees.

Uhub participates in, and is audited against, WPP’s General Computing Controls (GCC) program. We’ve also passed several 3rd party Cloud hosting assessments.